Energy Transition New York

Energy Transition New York specializes in helping companies and organizations create and implement their Electric Vehicle and Microgrid strategy.

As weather events like Superstorm Sandy, international conflicts in the Gulf region and local air quality problems in big cities have shown, we need to fundamentally change the way we produce and consume energy. Luckily, ongoing technological innovation continuously creates more access to an abundance of cheap clean energy. Giving everyone of us the opportunity to consume energy for only a fraction of the price, without the environmental impact. Energy Transition New York uses a system approach from an economic as well as a societal perspective. We help businesses, governments and research institutes formulate its sustainable energy strategy and give them the necessary tools to effectively implement it.

We are driven to increase access to cheap, locally-produced energy to enhance a more just and stable system.

Tim Kreukniet

Tim Kreukniet

His graduate studies in international energy policy made Tim aware of the ongoing tensions that surround energy dependence. This insight led him to dedicate his professional career to helping organizations, companies, and governments transition to cleaner forms of energy. Tim started East Coast Electric in 2013 and is one the Co-founders of Energy Transition New York. All to enhance energy transition.

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Valerie Varco

Tim Kreukniet

Valerie Varco joins Energy Transition New York with extensive experience working with start-ups, non-profits, and social enterprises. Her career spans both the US and abroad where she has helped organizations craft their message, improve processes, develop strategy, and find partners. Her work with Energy Transition involves setting up the American network for East Coast Electric, our signature program.

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Senior Consultant Wanted

Tim Kreukniet

Energy Transition New York is actively looking for a senior consultant with experience in the energy industry on the U.S. East Coast. For a full job description please contact Tim Kreukniet

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Ji Wen

Tim Kreukniet

Ji is now an Intern for Energy Transition New York, currently, she is studying MPA in International Energy Management and Policy at Columbia University. Before joining Energy Transition New York, she has gathered experience in automobile and equipment manufacturer companies such as Bosch and Daimler in both Germany and China. Her area of interest is renewable energy, energy policy and international business.

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Energy Transition New York helps clients implement microgrids and electric vehicles through proven business concepts.


  • Market research 
  • EV & Microgrid strategy formulation
  • Project Implementation
  • Business Development

Our experience

  • East Coast Electric
  • Co-founded the Dutch Organization for Electric Transport
  • Several big multi-stakeholder projects in the NL
  • Active role in EV market structuring 

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The East Coast Electric program

Energy Transition initiated and executes the East Coast Electric program

14 partners including:

  • 4 SME's
  • 1 Innovative Utility
  • The Dutch government
  • 4 Promising start-ups
  • Amsterdam Smart City
  • EV research institutes

Our goals:

  • US - NL knowledge collaboration
  • Create value on both sides of the Atlantic 
  • Enabling the use of electric mobility in the US
  • Help Dutch companies establish themselves on the US market

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