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East Coast Electric a 2 year review

East Coast Electric a 2 year review
2 years ago 15 Dutch companies, organizations and research institutes saw the potential of the U.S. electric vehicle and microgrid market. Now on my way back on one of my too many flights across the ocean, I realize that the initial 2 years of East Coast Electric are over.  Dutch Minister Ploumen opened up the EV-Box office as the fast growing company has incorporated in the U.S.. Since the start Viriciti was and still is very pro-active in the U.S. market and is deploying more and more systems (especially on the West-coast). A new program has formed in Dutch-ATES bringing geothermal heating and cooling systems to the U.S., and the Netherlands has positioned itself as a leader in electric vehicle adoption through the government 2 government program and multiple participations in New York Energy Week and other events.
While the program is formally over, East Coast Electric will continue to exist and will pro-actively make the connections for Dutch clean energy companies, host events around Dutch clean energy solutions and the office at the Urban Future Lab can always be used by companies who want to work out of New York for a couple of days/weeks.
Throughout the program we had strong support from the Netherlands that made it easy to keep going. Whether it where companies visiting New York or friends/family that remained honest and interested in the new adventures.
The Netherlands currently has 75.000 electric vehicles, the US has 400.000. On a per capita basis the Netherlands keep on leading the way, however the sheer market size of the U.S. holds huge potential for nearly all Dutch EV companies. With an expected 1 million vehicles on the road by 2020 there is a lot we can achieve.
The program will continue, only my role will change as from January 1 2016, I will set-up EV-Box North America with assembly in the U.S., to provide the U.S. market with reliable, scalable EVSE hardware with functionality that creates a business-case for EVSE owners in commercial locations.
Personally I have not met all my goals, and dreaming out loud, I would want all New York City Taxis, Ubers and Lyft to be electric by 2025. To get there we need 30% or about 20.000 vehicles in the next 3 to 4 years, which is quite doable. The technology is readily available, it is time to execute.
All the best, Tim Kreukniet
ps, for a detailed report of the results of East Coast Electric or questions just send me an email to tim.kreukniet -at- 

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